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Does your firm need a content writer? No one knows what you do better than you and the solicitors you work with. But is there the time to craft the kind of content that makes your website perform better? At Morgan Legal Content this is what we do, building your firm’s authority with search engines and helping prospective clients find you. We know your field, and we are experts in ours.

What we do

Blog Services

We write regular blogs on new developments and case law...(READ MORE)

A blog strategy for your firm should be flexible enough to pick up on emerging trends and case law in the areas in which you want to attract business. To improve traction with search engines you should update your blog regularly. Our blog writing service differs from firm to firm. You may wish us to edit material written by fee earners so that it’s as web friendly as possible. Alternatively you may prefer to hand responsibility for the blog over to us so that we generate ideas and produce content with minimal input from you. It’s your decision entirely. We’ll always discuss fully what you are hoping to achieve from your blog and work with you to develop the best approach.

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Audit & Review

We will review and audit your existing content...(READ MORE)

Adding useful, high quality content to your website is one of the key ways to get your firm noticed – by prospective clients and search engines like Google. But for your firm’s site to be effective you need to proactively  manage your content. Perhaps you have been running your site for a few years. You have been adding content regularly. But maybe the site has become a little unwieldy. Imagine, if it’s difficult for you to navigate, what must it be like for visitors (potential clients) who come seeking information? They are looking for something to give them the confidence in your firm that will lead them to pick up the phone or email and ask for help.

A content audit helps you take a high-level view of the content on your site, make an inventory of it and decide if it still serves a purpose. Questions we will help you answer are:

  • What is a particular piece of content for?
  • Does it help your business?
  • Will it help a client?

By answering these questions we can decide if the content should be left as it is, updated and improved or removed wholesale from the site.

As part of the process we’ll look for broken links, abandoned blogs and out of date legal terminology that might undermine visitor confidence in your firm.

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Content Expansion Strategy

We create new practice area pages and produce SEO-friendly rich content...(READ MORE)

As your law firm evolves so too should your website. For example, have you started to target clients in a new area of law? It might seem obvious but it’s crucial to highlight this expertise on your website. It is also important to update existing pages to reflect best content practice, describe new developments in the law and ensure the content continues to accurately portray the work your firm does.

Your site’s effectiveness with search engines depends on how much useful content it provides to visitors. The type of material that consistently delivers high rates of client conversion includes:

  • Question-based pages on specific topics
  • Rich content that speaks directly to clients who want to feel informed
  • Listacles that generally result in high click-through rates
  • Case studies reflecting recent successes of the firm

We will work with you closely to develop and expand your content, dovetailing with existing material where possible.

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Thought Leadership

We produce heavyweight, thought-provoking articles that set you apart...(READ MORE)

As a solicitor your reputation is your key asset. In a highly competitive marketplace you sometimes need to set you and your firm apart. Our thought leadership pieces:

  • Help position you as an expert
  • Address the big questions your clients face
  • Portray you as a professional who can be relied on
  • Enable you to connect effectively with commercial and other clients

We have access to a wealth of research material and databases, backed by our own legal expertise. We also have the capacity to research topics in a wide range of areas. We can produce comment pieces on topical areas from scratch or edit material produced by you.

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Web Design & PR Support

We provide content to law firm clients of web design agencies and PR companies...(READ MORE)

Andrew Morgan worked as lead UK content writer for Findlaw, a Thomson Reuters business for five years. In that time he collaborated closely with designers and digital marketers to help develop over one hundred UK law firm websites.

We understand how to shape content so that it fits with an overall design concept or PR strategy. If you are a legal PR or web design agency that develops sites for lawyers, get in touch. We can provide content on a one-off or ongoing basis for your clients.

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Client Guides

We produce user-friendly ‘How To’ guides and other useful information for potential clients...(READ MORE)

It’s easy to forget – the focus of your content should be the client. What are their interests? Why are they looking for a solicitor? We create detailed guides to legal procedure and relevant cases that visitors can download from your site. This goes a long way toward boosting your authority with search engines. That’s because search engines now place a high value on content that instructs, educates and informs.

You might think twice about giving away things for free. But look at any of the Magic Circle firms. Consider the amount of valuable information available on their sites. They may operate on a different scale from you but the same principle applies. People are looking for information. By providing tools that are helpful to visitors the chances are they will engage with your site to a greater degree. This can help influence the decision on whether or not to contact you. It may well convince visitors that your firm is the one that can deal most effectively with whatever issue they are facing.

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What our clients say

Morgan Legal Content produces weekly content for our website, and we are thrilled with the results. Articles are consistently really interesting and topical where appropriate. We couldn't be more pleased and wouldn't hesitate to recommend the service.- Liz Barnett, Partner, Sanders Witherspoon LLP
Morgan Legal Contact provides bespoke content as well as root and branch content reviews for some of our law firm clients. The service is always of an extremely high quality. Writers combine extensive legal knowledge with web writing expertise to produce content that's legally robust, creative and engaging.- Daniel Kidd, Kid Aitken Legal Marketing
It was my pleasure to work with Andrew for two years, and he always impressed me with the quality of his content and the versatility in his writing style. He has a talent for capturing the unique voice of his clients and their brands in his writing.- David Madden, US Attorney
Andrew's work is always excellent. He has that rare mix of legal knowledge and copywriting skill that makes him ideal for us.- Andy Huggett, Execute Marketing


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About us

Morgan Legal Content

Led by solicitor, Andrew Morgan, Morgan Legal Content is based in London. We work with law firms of all sizes across England and Wales. For more than five years we have specialised in creating unique and engaging content for solicitors.

We work with firms to develop coherent content strategies. We promote your strengths and help position you where you want to be – at the forefront of an evolving, competitive legal services market.

Even when the intention is there to keep content relevant and fresh, fee earners rarely have time to research and produce the kind of content that’s necessary to target and convert site visitors into clients.

We can help. We have the time and resources to produce detailed, well-researched content that meets SEO best practice. And we can usually do it for less than you would pay with a larger content agency.

Why use us?








Use us.

Maybe you take care of your web content internally – and it works. But from our experience writing for dozens of law firms this is unusual. We know it is increasingly difficult for fee earners and others to find the time to research and produce good quality content targeted at potential clients.

That’s where we can help. We have the resources to produce the type of content that provides real value to your clients and differentiates you from your competitors. And usually for less than you might pay a larger content agency.

To increase visitors to your site – and attract potential clients – you need to provide information they will find useful. For solicitors this means creating original content that demonstrates:

  • Your credibility and trustworthiness
  • Why you are different from your competitors
  • How someone might lose out if they don’t contact you

At Morgan Legal Content this is exactly what we do.


We know.

Quality content is essential. It helps build authority with clients and search engines.

You might have invested heavily in your website. People probably tell you it looks great. But how many clients actually come to you as a result of your web presence?

The truth is many law firm websites fail.

In our experience this is down to three factors:

  • The content does not speak to its target audience
  • Out of date data undermines credibility
  • The site is static. Firms rarely add new blogs or articles

At Morgan Legal Content our job is to fix these things.

Abandoned content is worse than no content at all.

Nothing undermines your credibility more than a website that has been left to wither and die. What message do you send a client when your last blog post is about a six-month-old case?

If you don’t have time to update your content your site could be doing more harm than good. Think about using a content agency. It works.

We know what works online and why.

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